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One of the most crazy things I have ever seen in my life

Man Rappels Into A Volcano With A GoPro, I think it is crazy and dangerous but if you have that much guts, this might be for you. any way I really liked the images and wanted to share.

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New kind of Drones

This is a really interesting Drone, love to have hands on it for my shoting, you can get more information on

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Lighting with drones

Imagine lighting a set with Drones? Well MIT is experimentating with Still photography on drones, I can imagine shoting a movie with robot light in the sky, can you imagine the idea?   Published on Jul 11, 2014 Manohar Srikanth ...

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Lights as spy cameras

New technology in lights is going to make them harder to recognize or avoid. New types of LED lights are making their way into high-profile venues, and they can do much more than just illuminate and lit the areas: they can track ...

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How to add 4K to your Sony F5

Nathan Thompson on Contrast Visuals walks us through the steps to get internal 4K in the Sony F5. Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at 1600ISO.  

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Now you can move data at 800Gbps

This cute little green cable may look innocuous, but it can carry data along its core at abreathtaking 800Gbps. Based on Intel’s Silicon Photonics technology, the cables uses 64 fibers—32 for transmitting and 32 for receiving—each capable of moving data at 25Gbps. ...

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Spritz the speed reader is AWESOME!

Remember in a past post when I show you the Spritlet speed reader?, well  now you can use it to read in the internet every day, I have been using it for the last two days and is awesome, here ...

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Mobile thermoelectric generator

Boil water and charge your devices at the same time with this mobile thermoelectric generator The PowerPot converts heat into electricity. Use it to charge any USB device while you cook your food. Ever get stuck on a great adventure without ...

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Making-Of, The Last of Us

If you want to undersand the cinematography involved, go directly to minute 34, you will find it super interesting and enjoyable.  

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5TB external hard drives from Lacie

25 terabytes of storage in a single standalone cube? That’s now possible, thanks to Seagate’s new 5TB hard drive. You can pair the LaCie 5big Network 2 five-bay NAS read more at: or go to Lacie’s Product page

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