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Phillip Bloom

Cooke Lenses / Cooke Mini S4s & the Cooke Look

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ANAMORPHOT 1,33x 50 for $899

Product Manager Andrew Chan says that the set will go on sale some time around April: $899 for the adapter and $299 for the Achromatic Diopter set. Pre-orders begin shipping in  March. You can pre-order by sending a screen grab ...

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Low angle top handle

Affordable top handle design plus using the Kabuto Focus to enable using the same hand that hold the handle to change focus or zoom. Sorry for the scuffled look of the lens but the lens is pretty old and the ...

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Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom Lenses

This lens joins their family of Compact Zooms which also contains the 70-200 CZ.2 and their newly announced 15-30 CZ.2. The Compact Zoom lens family is similar to the Compact Primes in that these zooms cover the large full frame ...

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Zeiss f/0.7

Glass is at the heart of cinematography. And while every lens on the planet may be unique, at least if you measure its optics to some sufficiently minute degree of accuracy, some lenses are more special than others. And cinematographer ...

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Cinematographers and CANON CN-E Lenses

Around the world, noted filmmakers choose Canon Cine and EF lenses to bring their work to light. In this compilation of interviews and behind the scenes footage, these directors, cinematographers, documentary and commercial shooters share their experiences with Canon glass, ...

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VashiMorphic40 – Free Anamorphic Effect

from Vashi Nedomansky FULL ARTICLE: Films shot in the Anamorphic process include: Jaws, The Royal Tenenbaums, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, The Parallax View and countless others. Getting your hands on Anamorphic lenses is very difficult for ...

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Micro Four Thirds Format for Filmmakers

By Thomas Simms @ BH  Filmmakers once had a simple choice when it came to what format they shot on. The two professional formats were 35mm and 16mm film. 35mm was, and still is, the gold standard, used on big-budget ...

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Letus Anamorphx Adapter Test. GoPro Hero 3

from jared abrams ere is a quick test with the killer new Letus Anamorphix adapter for the GoPro Hero 3+. The adapter screws on to the existing GoPro Hero Underwater and Skeleton housing with the existing 4 screws and gasket. This ...

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Vantage One T1 Spherical Primes

Vantage One T1 Spherical Primes

The Hawk guys are at Camerimage introducing an eye-popping set of new spherical T1 prime lenses called Vantage One. T1! There are nine Vantage One  lenses in the set: 17.5, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 90 and 120 mm, ...

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